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California State Rehabs

Rehabs in San Francisco

San Francisco is an official city and county. It is a commercial, cultural, and financial center. The county is located in Northern California. As of 2020, it had about 873,000 residents, and the covered area is 46.9 square. It is the 17th most populous city.

Substance Abuse Problems in San Francisco

There are many abuse problems in San Francisco like many other cities in California. The abuse problems are still growing here. Drug addiction has become worse than in other metropole.

There are about 25,000 people addicted to drugs. They are available across the metropolis and very easy to find. As of 2020, 712 people have died because of drug-related addictions. In addition, overdose fatalities have been increased by 48% in recent years.

It is an accepted fact that alcohol is the primary drug for substance misusage treatment. Meanwhile, Heroin is the second one followed by Cocaine and Methamphetamine. So it is visible that the treatment centers are very important here.

It does not matter what kind of habit people have, it always leads to the career and life breakdowns. So, the city offers health care and rehab options for the ones who want to overcome their addiction. Here you can see many hubs, which are giving different types of services.

The Rehab Programs in San Francisco

In a year, there are many people applying for therapies in order to get rid of bad habits. In every city, you can find different programs. For example, you can check what programs are available in San Bernardino. You are able to find many programs in SF CA.

The Ohlhoff Program

The Ohlhoff program has been made for people who have dependents on drugs and alcohol. They offer treatment regardless of any mental health problems, relapse history, or co-occurring disorders.

They have a 30-days course during which the patients get a 24/7 cure. Meanwhile, they have a long-term course. It consists of two programs: Women’s recovery and Men’s Residental ones. Both of them propose structured therapy in a good and safe environment.

Patients are able to attend meetings and at the same time, be involved in their daily life. The address is 601 Steiner St, CA 94117. The phone number is 877-677-4543.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Rehabilitation is a no-cost drug and alcohol rehab center. It is based on faith and holistic cure. Here citizens develop their life skills. They attend one-on-one meetings or group discussions.

It includes spiritual guidance, emotional assistance, work therapies, and social support. Their address is 1500, Valencia Street, CA 94110. And the number is 1-800-SAL-ARMY.

The Elevate Addiction Service

The Elevate Addiction Service is a detox treatment. Some people apply for rehabs in case of obsessions, but some are in denial. So here the interventions are coming to help. The large gathering of worried people helps the addicts to get through their problems.

So this kind of intervention may make them submit the rehab or detox. The address is 795 Folsom, N1003, 94107. You call (415) 991-1922.

The Marina Harbor Detox

The Marina Harbor Detox is a private obsession recovery and alcohol rehabilitation. They permit citizens to overcome substance diseases with dual diagnosis and detox. There is 24/7 monitoring for all citizens here.

The Marina believes that a holistic approach supports alcohol and drug therapy. They deliver medically-assisted detox and recovery projects, which are based on the 12-step model. The address is 289 Marina Blvd, 94 123. And you are able to call (415) 868 3858.

The Walden House

The Walden House is an epicenter for peace, love, and hippies in the drug-crazed. They give refuge, support, and counseling to the drug-addicted youth or homeless. It was founded in 1969. They give to support the whole way starting from initial detox to gradual rehab.

They present behavioral cure. It helps the patients to conquer the co-occurring mental health disorders. Each of them has a one-on-one with counselors to get rid of misuse. You are able to discover them here: 890 Hayes, CA 94117 and with this number (415) 762-3705.

The Woodleaf Eating Disorder Center

The Woodleaf Eating Disorder Center is an intensive outpatient project. Unfortunately, eating disorder is very common here. They deliver an eating disease treatment. They make a supportive environment with a positive and non-judgmental setting.

Body dysmorphia is a mental health condition. It may have fatal consequences. They host evening meetups. During it, clients get a platform to discuss their problems and learn about good health practices. Here is the address 45 Franklin, 94102 and the number (415) 840-0670.

The Bayview Hunters Point Foundation

The Bayview Hunters Point Foundation is a hub giving advice to individuals struggling with dope obsession, mental health conditions, and alcoholism. They have homeless services.

They suggest rehab to individuals who need a monitored rehab and structured program. Here you can discover them: 150 Executive Park Blvd, Suite 1800, 94134. You can call (415) 468-5100.

The Alta Mira

The Alta Mira is for alcohol and dope dependents. It is very luxurious and is located on the water. They propose 30-day and 90-day treatment options.

The counselors assist patients to overcome their misuse with therapy, education, and activities. Here is the address 125 Bulkley Ave, Sausalito, 94965.

12-Step Support Groups

The centers which use 12 steps are spread throughout the whole of San Francisco. It includes different types of activities and recovery methods. These methods are based on the holistic approach and the presence of God in their daily activities.

There are different groups in this method. Some of them are Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics, and Dual Recovery Anonymous.

The Evaluation

In order to aid persons to overcome their substance misuse, they must have a treatment plan. So for that, the state presents a Substance Abuse Evaluation. With this evaluation, they find out the presence and level of narcotics or alcohol in a person.

There are two ways to do this evaluation. Either a state vendor or a private provider takes this action. It means that a public agency evaluates you. However, there are private mental health professionals, too. They are social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health counselors.

Where to go With no Insurance?

Many persons use their insurance in order to pay for it. However, a lot of them do not have narcotic or alcohol insurance. For individuals who do not have insurance, there are a lot of no-cost hubs. Here are some of them:

  • AIDS Foundation Stonewall Project
  • Friendship House Association of American Indians
  • Walden House/Health RIGHT 360
  • Salvation Army Valencia Street, Adult Rehabilitation
  • Harbor House
  • Epiphany Residential

How to Force Your Teen into Rehabilitation?

Teens under 18 may not sometimes understand that they need assistance. So their parents or guardians are able to decide for themselves. The parents or guardians should prove the problem.

After that, the teens take a forced rehab process. After this course, the professionals will work with them and offer other intensive recovery courses.