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California State Rehabs

Rehabs in Ventura

Ventura’s official name is San Buenaventura. It is a city located on the Central Coast of California. It is also the county seat of Ventura. As of 2020, it has about 110,763 population. The city covers about 32.29 square kilometers.

Substance Abuse Problems in Ventura

All people can have addictions. It doesn't matter how old you are, what color of skin you have, or how much money you earn. Thus, you may easily get addicted. Substance use disorder has a bad effect on life. It influences both mental and physical health, social relationships, family, school, and work. Furthermore, it affects organs such as the brain, liver, and heart.

Unfortunately, one in twenty suffers from such a condition. In addition, over 4% of residents in Ventura have a mental health disorder. Since 2014, Ventura has outpaced the rest of California in prescription opioid addiction.

Given that, to overcome the mentioned disorders, Ventura County Behavioral Health provides continuous care to residents. Usually, there are no associated costs for underage persons. They give different support depending on needs.

Treatment Programs

There are different services for the treatment. The Access staff helps you determine which one is convenient for you.

  • Residential Treatment
    They offer residential care for rehab services in a non-institutional setting.
  • Withdrawal Management
    This one is Detox. They offer intake, medication, observation, and discharge.
  • Case Management
    They offer assistance in medical, educational, social, vocational, or other fields.
  • Outpatient
    This one pertains to therapeutic and counseling strategies.
  • Recovery
    It provides ongoing aftercare support.
  • A Specialized Program for the youth and women

Ventura County Recovery Centers

Treatment services are different. Consequently, there are many rehab centers. So here they are:

Center of Discovery

They offer a program for eating disorder recovery. Through the care, patients start to learn how to love their bodies. It is done in a way that is satisfying, intuitive, and supportive. Their trauma-informed and evidence-based cure are there to regain skills and encouragement. In this process, family plays a huge role.

The address is 228 Rimrock Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. The phone number is (844) 326-6150.

Action Drug Rehabs

They are a group of compassionate, trained, and dedicated experts. Thus, they specialize in substance abuse and mental health. They also support adults, families, and adolescents.

Their specialties also include dependence, essence use, and dual diagnosis. They have programs like 12 Step, Adult Residential, Drug, Psychiatric Residential, Alcohol Rehab, and so on.

Their address is 691 North Main St Piru, CA 93040. The phone number is (844) 612-6808.

Play Icon La Ventana

They provide an evidence-based approach for people struggling with any degree of essence use and mental illness. Their specialties are essence use, personality condition, trauma, and PTSD.

The clients' target is adults and teens. The therapy programs are adult residential, depression, drug rehab, equine therapy, dual diagnosis, and so on.

You can find them at the address 1408 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard Thousand Oaks, 91362. The phone is (855) 465-1582.

Camino a Casa by Casa Pacifica

They solve problems like social development, emotional regulation, loss, grief, and attachment. Their specialties are behavioral issues, dual diagnosis. The hub targets teenagers and preteens.

Camino a Casa offers treatment programs for depression, equine therapy, and substance use. Types of therapies are:

  • cognitive behavioral
  • dialectical
  • attachment-based
  • art
  • culturally sensitive
  • motivational interviewing
  • person-centered

Find them at 1722 South Lewis Road, Camarillo, CA 93012. The phone number is (805) 519-8267.

Enlight Center

The California Department of Health Care Services certifies and licenses this assistance. They provide wellness, safety, and care. The specialties are anxiety, eating disorder, and habit. The center solves issues like ADHD, Behavioral, Bipolar disorder, Codependency, Depression, Emotional Disturbance, Gambling, Grief, Self-Harming, and Medical Detox. They target adults. This hub uses cures like 12 Steps, Eating disorders, Alcohol and Drug healing, Sex Addiction, Intervention, Outdoor therapy, and Medication-Assisted Detox. The treatment approach is brain spotting, biofeedback, Christian counseling, art, culturally sensitive, and dance movement therapy. The address is 11811 Darlene Lane Moorpark, 93021 and the number is (805) 876-9353.

Evolve Residential Treatment Centers for Teens

They offer evidence-based care for teens, who struggle with dependence issues and mental health. It is designed for emotional dysregulation, depression, anxiety, trauma, and suicidal ideation. The issues they solve are addiction, bipolar, divorce, drug abuse, identity, parenting, sleep or insomnia, and self-harming.

Moreover, they solve mental health problems such as thinking conditions, psychosis, mood, impulse control. The target is teenagers and preteens.

Their address is Evolve Adolescent Mental Health Treatment Ojai, 93023. Call them at (844) 332-0178.

Ventura Recovery

This hub has 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day drug rehab plans. They treat ADHD, coping skills, bipolar disorder, anxiety, stress, trauma, eating disorders. The focus is on adults and elders older than 65 years old.

You can find them at 166 Siesta Ave Thousand Oaks, 91360. The phone number is (855) 909-9165.

Evaluation Process

To have a plan, the state must have an evaluation. For this reason, Substance Abuse Evaluation exists. They find out the level of alcohol and drugs in people.

Given that, the state has two choices to make this evaluation. A state vendor or a private provider may do it. Accordingly, a public agency evaluates you for this purpose. What refers to private professionals, are psychiatrists, mental health counselors, social workers, and psychologists.

Where to Go with no Insurance in Ventura?

Insurance is a good way to pay for your healing. However, there are a lot of insurances that do not include narcotic or alcohol problems. For that, you should find many no-cost centers. Here is the list:

  • CTT Hollywood Beach Detox
  • Changing Tides
  • Aegis
  • Genesis
  • The District Recovery Community

How to Force your Teen into Rehabilitation?

Everyone may have addictions. Teenagers sometimes do not accept their dependencies. So, their parents are to decide for them. After that, professionals take up the next step and work with teens.