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Rehabs in Alameda

Rehabs in Alameda

Alameda is located in the state of California. As of 2020 statistics, it has about 1,682,000 population. So, it makes the state the 7th most populous county in CA. 

Additionally, Oakland is the county seat. It includes the San Francisco Bay Area. Meanwhile, it occupies much of the East Bay region. 

Moreover, its name was originally described as the Arroyo de la Alameda. It is a part of the San Francisco/Oakland/Berkley, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area, and CA Combined Statistical Area. 

Substance Abuse Statistics in Alameda County 

From 2016 to 2018 and 2017 to 2019, opioid-related drug fatalities have increased from 8.8 deaths to 11,5 deaths per 100,000 people according to Healthy Alameda County. 

In addition, the report provides statistics that women who struggle with substance use are at a much higher rate. 

Moreover, it is a fact that about 169,000 persons received treatment for substance misuse. And only 3% of all adolescents had substance use disorder. 

For this purpose, there are rehabs in Alameda County to help overcome addictions. 

Inpatient, Outpatient, and PHP Rehab 


You'll receive intensive assistance for your health while receiving inpatient treatment, where you'll live in a hospital. 

Furthermore, an inpatient program is the most extensive type of help available. Consequently, your rehabilitation from various mental health issues, eating disorders, and addictions may benefit you greatly. 

So, it provides you with the opportunity to spend some time apart from your typical schedule.  Meanwhile, it allows you to leave behind any triggers or unfavorable influences. You will have the opportunity to take the time to concentrate on your wellness. 


When you have weekly counseling sessions at one of the hospitals or wellness hubs, you are receiving outpatient care. It is a daycare, which means you get therapy while spending a full or part of each weekday at one of the locations. However, you go home each night. 

You may also do this remotely in addition to providing in-person outpatient treatment. 


A day consists of: 

  • Individual and group therapy 
  • Recurring evaluations

In fact, all of them are carried out by a qualified mind soundness expert. Furthermore, you will meet with a professional psychiatrist for a medicine plan if medication is required. Sessions of family treatment may also be included in the curriculum. 

Though creating a support network is crucial for rehabilitation, many programs include a client's family in the treatment process. 

Rehab Centers in Alameda County 

Alcohol Addiction Rehab | Duffy's Napa Valley 

They are offering treatments like: 

  • Long Term
  • Short Term Residential

They specialize in habits and alcohol use. In addition, they solve issues such as: 

  • Impulse Control
  • Coping Skills

The center targets only adults. Further, you have the opportunity to attend alone, with family, or in a group. Moreover, they have treatment approaches such as: 

  • CBT
  • Habit
  • DBT

The Lotus Collaborative 

The specialties are self-esteem and anxiety. Additionally, they offer solutions to issues such as: 

  • OCD
  • PTSD

Besides, they solve mental health problems such as: 

  • Mood Disorders
  • Dissociative Disruptions

The targeted sexuality groups are: 

  • Bisexual
  • LGBTQ+

Further, they target only adults and teens. 

To sum up, here are the therapy approaches: 

  • DBT
  • CBT
  • MBCT
  • EMDR
  • IFS

Rehabs with No Insurance 

You have the opportunity to attend rehabilitations without insurance. Here you can find free centers, where they suggest cure approaches. So let’s dig into them: 

  • Free At Last Community
  • New Bridge Foundation

How to Force a Teen into Rehab? 

Teens frequently require teenage rehabilitation centers with mental difficulties. To address the many problems caused by teen mental health illnesses, there are several institutions and initiatives. 

For this purpose, medical institutions are uniquely educated, as they can handle teenage mental difficulties. Even so, you have to understand the needs of your teenager and suggest your help.