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Rehabs in Kern

Rehabs in Kern

California, in the United States, is the home to Kern County. The inhabitants were 909,235 as of the 2020 census. Its administrative capital is Bakersfield. 

The drug issue has affected almost every nation to some extent, but the US has recorded the highest rates of dependence when compared to other countries.

To get info about the ways that you can help yourself or someone you love, read the whole article. Learn more about rehabs in Kern County. 

Substance Use Rates 

It is difficult to get medication-assisted therapy here, where an estimated 8,000 individuals are struggling with opioid addiction. Three-quarters of those who require assistance for opiate abuse are unable to get it. According to certain rates from the public health service, the disparity can be larger. Because of this, the state has several dependence care clinics. 

The county saw 91 opioid-related deaths in 2018, or 10.3 deaths per 100,000 people, according to the California Drug Overdose Surveillance Dashboard. During the same period, 95 individuals were hospitalized for opioid overdoses. Also, 355 people went to the emergency department due to an overdose of opioids. 

Since 2014, there has been a continuous decrease in the distribution of prescribed painkillers. Also, 582,667 prescription opioids were distributed in 2018 alone. Because fewer doctors are prescribing painkillers, the majority of opiate addiction issues have shifted to heroin. 

Rehabs in Kern County 

Treatment centers are available to assist people who deal with a substance use disorder. They also help each patient in overcoming any additional mental or emotional challenges they may have had. 

Over the last decades, the state has suffered a rise in drug and alcohol use. That has led to a rise in the number of drug-related deaths that the state has recorded. 

According to the County Health Rankings, the increase in substance abuse rates has led even Kern to report 662 deaths in a single year. Other areas also report high rates of drug-related deaths. 

When dealing with a dependency, the person should be able to manage and overcome the whole extent of their addiction. It must include both their physical need for the drugs and the often-overlooked mental or emotional elements. 

Helping them enroll in a drug care program right away will help them stop the addiction. If you have a loved one who is battling a substance use disorder, take a step. It is never too late to lead a healthy and drug-free life. 

Luxury Rehabs 

You can find the highest number of deluxe rehabilitation centers in this state. Florida also boasts a ton of opulent facilities. But, California is where you can find the best luxury treatment facilities. And as you well know, there is really nothing in any way wrong with this strategy. By providing various upscale amenities and services, several CA rehab treatment facilities appear to set themselves apart from the competition. 

Attending a luxury treatment in CA, as opposed to the usual centers connected with addiction therapy, comes with an added expense, as you may expect. Additionally, it could be more challenging to get the insurance that covers such opulent facilities. However, depending on the kind of insurance you have, it might still be accessible. 


Clients who want treatment for alcoholism sometimes turn to residential rehabilitation centers in CA. They give clients receiving inpatient care the skills needed to maintain long-term sobriety. During a stay, you may take part in a variety of therapies, courses, and other activities. Residential care programs may last for a minimum of 28 days or more than 90 days. 


Outpatient programs are great choices if you work and stay at home and are unable to commit 24 hours a day to therapy. That lets you receive therapy while leading a life that is almost normal.