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Rehabs in Shasta

Rehabs in Shasta

Shasta is California’s county located in its northern portion. Having a growing population makes the region one of the most lively spots in the state. Thus, within 2010-2020 the population became 182,000 up from 177,000.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of residents brings disciplinary difficulties. Surely, controlling the use of illicit substances is also harder. That is why in such communities drug and alcohol addiction is a common concern.

The youth’s weekly visits to the emergency rooms for drug- and alcohol-related overdose cases are alarming. However, it is a fact that behavioral healthcare is at the top here. Rehabs in Shasta County, California have proven that many times.

Toxin dependency kills your family and destroys relationships with your loved ones. Indeed, realizing this should be the first act of your new drug-free journey. California rehabs’ skilled specialists will help you to live again and feel the freedom of sobriety.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation in Shasta County, CA

Long-lasting and intensive use of narcotics or drinks may affect all organs. But, above all, it impacts the health of our brain and causes mental disorders. To be able to vanish consequences doctors should know the sources and the stage of the disease. Physicians get this information directly from the patient or his family members during an interview. Questions refer to the intensity and length of abuse, symptoms, and history of former treatment if available.

Also, in the case of co-occurring disorders, it is important to reveal which organs are harmed and to what extent. This requires passing deeper screening and taking an analysis of blood and urine. Thus, as we understand, the assessment process is individual and depends on the patient’s health conditions.

Non-profit Empire Recovery Center provides free evaluation services for county residents. So, to start your sober path it is not mandatory to have a lot of money. Do not delay to make that step.

Healing Plans in Outpatient and Inpatient Facilities

Regardless of treatment kind, every cure plan starts with setback management which is detox. When you begin the care without detoxing the outcome can not be complete as every illness requires a cure from the reasons and affecting factors. Thus, if your body is ill and suffers from muscle pain, nausea, and headaches medication will not help to stabilize your mental state. By the way, wrong medication damages more than ignorance of a problem.

The next phase of recovery is entertaining therapies, like

  • Yoga
  • Fitness
  • Swimming
  • Horse riding
  • Playing golf, football, and others (mainly in luxury clinics)
  • Walking
  • Music and art
  • Animal petting
  • Climbing
  • Group activities and meetings, etc.

Sometimes therapists combine therapies with medication. And eventually, the last step is aftercare which aims to keep the results.

Teens Rehabs

Addicted teens’ parents have many troubles with their child’s treatment. They hesitate to force the latter to enter a hospital not to make him more aggressive. Sometimes, they are afraid of the law. Or some families are not capable of paying for the care. But be sure that there is always a way out, and every minute can be decisive for success. Firstly, let’s note that forcing an up to 17 years old child is legal in such situations. Also, don’t worry about his rude reaction to that. It is only temporary, and he will forget about it once he has fully recovered. What about high prices and costs? The government covers them through adolescent wellness and recovery programs. There are also funds available for low-income addicted adults. To know more details please contact Shasta HHSA’s hotline at (877) 652-0731.

Remember that children cannot understand the importance of medical supervision. Above all, it is your responsibility to save your child's life and restore his peace of mind.