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Rehabs in Monterey

Rehabs in Monterey

The County of Monterey is located on the Pacific coast in the state of California. The largest city is Salinas. It makes this place the third largest agricultural county in the state. 

As of 2020, it has a population of 439,035. The large population brings a lot of issues. One of those is the problem of drug and alcohol use, which causes a lot of fatalities. 

The problem of substance use is very much destructive in the county. As of the year 2021 Monterey reported 145 deaths caused by this issue. 

However, in many states, the situation is worse. The rehabs in Monterey County work towards a healthier and drug-free population. The kind and caring staff ensures a smooth and permanent recovery for the patients who suffer.


Before starting any treatment process, the patient needs to go through a drug and alcohol evaluation. There are three categories of substance use: abuse, social use, and dependence.  

It usually involves two important steps: screening and assessment. The first step is to identify if the person has an issue or not. It is an easy process that is typically conducted through a simple questionnaire designed by a professional in the field. 

In fact, it is so easy that you can do that by yourself at home. If you are from Monterey you may request an assessment sample by either of the two options:

  • Contacting the Treatment Access at 1-888-258-6029 
  • Calling the hospital directly

The second step is the assessment. It involves a more intensive analysis of your health through multiple methods. This is what makes sure that the doctor gives you the right diagnosis and designs the right care for you.

The evaluation is usually available in all the clinics, however, you should research to find out if the place you chose provides this service or not.

Facilities in the Monterey County

Choosing the right facility that works best for you according to your schedule and needs is the most important factor. That’s why you should learn about the types of plans that the centers provide. 

The inpatient program offers a 24-hour care plan. On average, the stay in the hospital for this treatment is 30 to 60 days, but the period can be longer depending on the patient’s needs. 

Another type is an outpatient program that does not require a full-time stay in the clinic. It is the best suitable for those who don't want to sacrifice their work or school for the treatment. It is also a good option for those with relatively mild symptoms. 

Some well-known rehabs are the following: 

  • Sun Street Centers: 831-753-5144 
  • Circle of Hope: 800-477-6291
  • Community Hospital: 831-625-4600
  • The Lotus Collaborative: (831) 216-5409

Besides these facilities, there are some that offer services based on age and gender. 

Luxurious Centers

Those who prefer maximum comfort would be interested in going to high-class centers. However, they are often much more costly than the average clinic and are not affordable for everyone. 

Moreover, they offer more diversity in the types of procedures. Such places are typically resort-like and provide more services than what is offered in other clinics. Additionally, they are more flexible and let patients choose the activities they want to participate in. 


The methods of payment are almost the same in every facility. You can pay via credit card or in cash. Moreover, some centers accept insurance that may cover the cost partially. 

However, if you are unable to make the payment in any of the options, there are special government-assistance programs that you might want to consider applying for. 

So, if you are struggling with financial problems, don't worry. There is always a way to get the recovery you need. 

How to Force your Teen into Rehab

Finding out that your teenager has addiction issues may be devastating for some parents. For that reason they sometimes change their attitude towards their child, becoming impulsive and demanding. 

However, there is a high chance that it’ll have a bad impact on your teen, making them lose trust and have mental issues. Hence, It is important to inform them about the bad consequences that drug and alcohol use can bring, and explain to them that they need to get cured as soon as possible. 

Most importantly you have to let them know that you trust them and will be by their side throughout their journey.