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Rehabs in Yolo

Rehabs in Yolo

Yolo is one of the most attractive counties in California. It is famous for its gardens, wildlife areas, and interesting museums.

However, like other provinces in the state, Yolo also faces drug and alcohol addiction issues. So, in this article, we will try to reveal the best rehabs in Yolo county.

Available Treatment Methods

Accepting that you have substance abuse is a crucial step toward future recovery. However, before selecting a curing course you should be very attentive and learn the various inseparable stages of rehabilitation.

Addiction Evaluation

As we mentioned above, treatment consists of sequential stages the patient has to pass. So, the first is evaluation. At this point, dependent individuals are assessed for dual diagnosis or other co-occurring diseases.

Substance abuse may cause various mental and behavioral health disorders. So, this step is especially important to treat the patients in the correct way.


Detox is a withdrawal of unwanted and dangerous elements from the addicted person’s body. It is an effective procedure to approve the smooth recovery process. However, it should be completed under medical supervision. This is to prevent unwanted side effects.

Inpatient vs Outpatient Services

After completing the spotted two procedures, you should focus on the main curing. There are two categories of efficient rehab services. Each of them varies with its unique attributes and benefits.

First is the inpatient method. This type is also known as residential. It requires the patients’ 24/7 stay in the clinic. The applicants receive all the needed therapies both individually and in groups.

They meet professional psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, and counselors during the healing process. Giving a high value to family involvement, these clinics allow the relatives to contact their loved ones and support them emotionally.

The whole medication lasts from 1 to 6 months. This involves also future integration plans and condition follow-up.

The second type is outpatient. It is less restrictive than the residential method. The people are not obliged to live in a facility. Moreover, they participate in the procedures just a few days a week. So, they do not need to go far away from their homes. Also, they will not get apart from their relatives and friends.

Online Counseling

With the rising pandemic cases, some people prefer to get online counseling and teletherapies. Only certified therapists are able to organize the meetings through chat, video, or audio calls. You may find a qualified specialist accepting your insurance, as well.

Luxury Rehabs

When choosing to get medication in a facility, sufferers prioritize the convenient stay and the high level of the provided services. Thus, many people prefer to select a luxury rehab. In the list below, you will reveal some of them:

  • Communicare Health Centers Woodland - Provides substance abuse curing, develops social skills, etc. You should contact them via this mobile number: (530) 758-2060.
  • Fourth and Hope Walters House - Along with the inpatient therapies they provide continuing care, case management, etc. You can call them via this phone number: (530) 662-2699.


If you want to receive medical therapies but encounter financial issues then you should note that your insurance covers the rehab expenses. So, you may enter many hospitals in this province having private health, public, and military assurances. Some of them work with Medicaid and Medicare, too.

However, if you do not have one of these packages, then you are able to benefit from sliding-scale pricing based on your income or condition.

Forcing Teenagers Enter Rehabs in Yolo County, California

In fact, the most complicated decision the parents make is sending their child to a rehabilitation center. Teenagers are most likely to refuse to start the recovery. This is because they do not have enough experience. Besides, they sometimes do not perceive the dangerous situation they are in.

All you need to know is that those individuals who are 17 years old or even younger can be put in the facility without their consent. Even the parents and caregivers can make an appointment with a specialist or select a quality rehab in California.