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Rehabs in Sierra

Rehabs in Sierra

Sierra County is located in the state of California in the US. Its population was 3,236 as of the census 2020. Despite the small population, it has had huge cases of drug and alcohol addiction and abuse between 2011-2017.

Deaths from synthetic opioids alone have increased by 1,125% during this period. However, thanks to the developed strategy of specialists, their spread has decreased.

So, through their efforts, Sierra County rehabs have been able to create a healthy society. They prove that recovery is possible.


Evaluation allows therapists to determine accurate treatment.

At first, you are being interviewed. Based on the result, you undergo an assessment․ Further, if the assessment is not satisfactory, they take a test.

Rehab Facilities

Rehabs in Sierra County offer comprehensive programs. Step by step, they have developed an extensive treatment system. As a result, a cure method is determined according to the patient’s needs.

Outpatient (OP)

OP is an effective level of care for less addicted individuals. It consists of therapies and counseling. People attend this program 3-7 days a week for three hours. Moreover, they can continue work and study at the same time.

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

PHP requires more hours than OP. It is a perfect choice for those who complete IP. Yet, clients stay at the facilities all day long, they can spend nights at home.

Inpatient (IP)

IP is a residential level that provides 24/7 medical supervision. It supports clients with severe dependence. Dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders are possible to treat in the case of IP. Even more, people pass detox as a part of it.


Detoxification is the first and integral part of recovery. In essence, there are different types of it. The most common one is medically assisted detox (MAD). It helps stabilize the nervous system of patients. Moreover, MAD provides safety and the most reliable control.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

The most effective healing method for opioids is MAT. Generally, residential facilities suppose patients who overdose on prescription pain medications. These types of opioids are Vicodin, OxyContin, Percocet, and heroin.

The positive effect of MAT has been proven over many years. Basically, counseling and behavioral health therapy are part of it. It allows physicians to show a “whole-patient” approach.

Also, MAT is the ideal healing remedy after detoxification.

Specialty Rehabilitation

If you are seeking specialized services, they are available at almost all California rehab centers.

For instance, “Sierra County Behavioral Health Clinic” specializes in various programs. It offers cure settings for different groups of the community.


Experts always focus on women’s issues. Hence, SUD services are designed for pregnant women. Especially, they include women:

  • who are pregnant;
  • with children;
  • who are postnatal and with children;
  • whose infants are under the influence of substances;
  • who try to get back custody of their children.

Also, the payment is based on a sliding scale. All services are secure, private, and confidential.


Veterans as a vulnerable group of the community need special care. Thus, specialty facilities treat SUD as a part of the behavioral health section.

Experts use a trauma-focused, personalized approach based on their needs.

In sum, veterans can overcome the risk of abuse in advance due to well-developed healing methods.

Prices for Luxury Rehabilitation

The price of high-level residential complexes differs from each other. In general, In general, the lowest possible price of drug and alcohol treatment is $750 per day. Yet, you must plan more.

In short, for more accurate information, please get in touch with “Sierra County Health and Human Services”. Their contact details are:

704 Mill St.

Loyalton, CA 96118

Phone: 530-993-6746

Payment Options Without Insurance

There are various alternative payment options available in this province. In addition to cash or self-pay, there are some acceptable options, such as:

  • Sliding fee scale based on income
  • Different types of grants
  • Local government or county funding
  • Financial help

In brief, not all services accept the same payment option. You need to contact them about the details.

Solutions for Teens

Teen addiction problem always remains at the center of specialists’ interests. Preventing the spread of chemicals at an early stage helps to form a healthy society. Therefore, teen rehabilitation centers use all their means to prevent them.

They organize a wide range of youth events. Besides, some agencies hold meetings in various educational institutions.

Most American teens report that they have used substances given to them by adults. As a matter of fact, providing alcohol to minors is prohibited by law. Otherwise, the violator faces up to 6 months in prison or gets a $1,000 fine.

Finally, thanks to the experts’ efforts and solutions of this county, 70% of youth have never used chemicals.