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Rehabs in Contra Costa

Rehabs in Contra Costa

Contra Costa is located in the eastern part of San Francisco Bay, in the state of California. According to the 2020 United States Census, it had about 1,165,000 population. Further, Martinez is the seat and occupies the northern portion of the East Bay region. 

In addition, it is included in the CA Metropolitan Statistical Area and San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley. 

Substance Abuse Statistics in Contra Costa County 

According to the 2017 Contra Costa Health Services, the division had 45 deaths related to opioid overdoses. Moreover, in 2016, there were 5.4% of abused opioids among teens and adults. 

In addition, about 10,000 people had a substance use disorder. According to 2017 statistics, there were 700,000 opioid prescriptions in the division. However, this number has decreased. 

Furthermore, in 2020, it had 144 opioid-related overdoses. So, it is a rate of 12.6 deaths for 100,000 people. Meanwhile, 296 people attended emergency rooms, and 93 were hospitalized. 

To sum up, such rates prove the need for rehab. That is why we have prepared this article about rehabs in Contra Costa County. 

Inpatient, Outpatient, and PHP Rehab 


You are an inpatient if you spend the night in the hospital. For example, your visit might be brief (just one night) or it could extend several weeks. The type of care you require will determine how long you must stay in the hospital. 

Besides, you could occasionally get checked into an infirmary throughout the day. Even though you are a patient in this situation, some hospitals may refer to you as a day patient to distinguish you from an overnight stay. 

Inpatient and day-patient treatment are frequently treated similarly by private health insurance plans. However, it is important to review the details of your plan. 


On the contrary, you are an outpatient if a consultation or treatment doesn't call for hospitalization. 

Outpatient often refers to visits when you visit the clinic for check-ups or follow-ups following treatment. Consequently, you could receive the care in certain places at a specialty clinic or general practitioner rather than a clinic. 

However, several medical facilities across the world have dedicated sections for it. 


For those with serious signs of addiction, there is a partial hospitalization program (PHP). To get an intensive level of care, you can leave inpatient treatment. 

Rehab Centers in Contra Costa County 

Center For Discovery 

They specialize in: 

  • Mood Disorders
  • Panic 

Further, the center targets teens and preteens. 

To sum up, they are offering cure steps and therapy types such as: 

  • CBT
  • DBT

Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program 

The hub’s specialties are: 

  • Bipolar 
  • Mood 

They solve issues such as: 

  • Grief
  • Self-Harming

Meanwhile, they focus on mental health cases, too. They are dissociative and impulse control disorders.

The targeted age is teenagers and preteens. In addition, here are the treatment programs: 

  • Essence Use 
  • Depression 

In short, they have therapy types such as: 

  • CBT
  • DBT
  • EMDR

Attending Rehabs with No Insurance 

If you do not have insurance to use for rehabs, here are the free ones: 

  • Ujima East Day Treatment Program 
  • New Bridge Foundation 

How to Force a Teen into Rehab? 

More people than only adults struggle with substance misuse. Sadly, addiction problems are affecting more and more people. 

Drug-addicted teenagers experience psychological and emotional requirements that are distinct from those of adults. According to studies, drug addiction affects emotional health almost as much as it affects physical and mental health. 

To help teenagers, parents or guardians have the right to choose the rehab for them.