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Rehabs in Tehama

Rehabs in Tehama

The county of Tehama is located in the north of California. It is midway between Sacramento and the border with Oregon. According to the latest census, 65,829 people call this state home. It is known for its recreational areas. Bisected by the Sacramento River, it has beautiful landscapes.

Its seat is the city of Red Bluff with a population of 14,710. Here all main institutions are located. The city houses health facilities. The local medical center provides different services, including rehabilitation. Like elsewhere in the state, the addiction problem exists here, too.

Latest Statistics

The statistics for California are alarming. According to it, 3,200 locals died from an opioid-related overdose in 2019. Moreover, 44% of high school students confess they used alcohol or drugs in their lives.

Communities in the north of the state recorded the highest rates. However, the situation is not that worse in Red Bluff and the surrounding area. Here, only one opioid overdose death was recorded in 2019. In any case, luckily one can get help in the rehabs in Tehama County.

On the other hand, there is no licensed narcotic treatment program. However, the medical staff of Tehama rehabs helps both adults and adolescents.

Evaluation in Recovery Centers

Each treatment plan starts with an assessment or evaluation. Firstly, the doctor has to understand what patient he is dealing with. The first step is to determine the scale of obsession with illicit substances.

During this process, it is important to detect a co-occurring disease. Moreover, the facilities usually provide medical care tailored for co-occurring mental illnesses. The local center also offers assistance to people with mental health and substance use issues. In addition, the services include programs for adults, children, and teens.

Treatment Options

Once a patient has an assessment of his condition, he may join a program tailored to his needs. There is usually detox. It is an essential part of healing. A person gets rid of any toxic substances, be it alcohol or drugs. The period and method depend on the individual case. There are a variety of such programs in many rehab centers in California.


Now it is time to choose between residential and outpatient treatment. The specialists advise the right option based on the condition. Inpatient care means that you stay in the facility. An individual is under the supervision of medical staff. However, there is also time to socialize. Some facilities offer to integrate a family member as it is crucial for recovery.


An outpatient plan implies that a patient attends therapy sessions several times a week. The local Health Services Agency suggests a variety of recovery services. This also includes screening, assessment, intensive treatment, and drug and alcohol education. Finally, the key requirement is to create a personalized plan.


The mission of the Agency is not only to cure but to prevent substance misuse. Educational activities, especially among youth, help make healthy choices. The projects are targeted at creating awareness.

Forcing Teens into Rehab

Having a child who is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction is a real problem. It’s essential to learn your rights on such a sensitive matter.

Legally, parents can forcefully send their children under 18 to rehab. In this case, a parent can contact the doctor without the teen’s consent. Anyway, before taking any action, it’s better to consult a professional. It is important not to make the mental condition even worse.

The situation with adults is different. Trying to force a person over 18 is illegal. Eventually, he has to decide on his own.