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Rehabs in Solano

Rehabs in Solano

Solano is a County situated in the state of California. It is located in the northeast of the San Francisco Bay Area region. As of the 2020 statistics, it has a population of about 444,538. 

However, such a great number of people living in the same area causes different issues. One of the problems Solano has is substance abuse. 

The excessive substance use in the county increased the death rates in the county in a few years. In 2018 about 20 people died from a substance overdose. 

Yet, the number could be much bigger if not for the rehabs in Solano County that provide services to ensure effective and permanent recovery. Remember that it is never too late to start your journey towards a healthier and happier life. 


The very first thing to do if you think you have a problem with substance use is an evaluation. There are three classifications of alcohol and drug use: social use, abuse, and dependence. The process of evaluation consists of two steps: screening and assessment. 

The first step usually involves a simple questionnaire designed by your doctor. The latter usually includes questions about your current drug or alcohol usage, health history, symptoms, and so on. It is carried out to understand if you have an issue or not. In fact, due to its straightforwardness, you will be able to do that yourself. 

The second step involves a more in-depth check-up of your health. It is done to find out more about the exact problem and some accompanying illnesses if you have any. After the in-depth analysis, the doctor suggests the kind of treatment you need. 

Choosing the Right Center

If you have decided that you are ready to start your recovery, you might be interested in the types of services the centers offer. The first type is an inpatient program that provides you with 24-hour care. 

The general period is 30-60 days. However, it is required for some patients to stay up to 90 days to guarantee full recovery. 

The second type is called outpatient, which is less confining than the inpatient one. It is best for those who can be in the clinic for only a few hours a day because of work/school. The average period is 10 to 12 hours a week of visits to a local facility. 

Another kind of program is partial hospitalization (PHP). This is a middle ground between inpatient and outpatient treatment. It is less intensive than the first one and more than the second. 

Moreover, the entire period of cure includes some transitions between the procedures, and it lasts at least three months.

Apart from them, there are some facilities that have age and gender-specific plans that ensure more focused care. 

Regardless of the program type, you should be certain that you are going to work with intelligent and caring professionals who will make your recovery smooth and rewarding. 

Treatment Services

Some of the services each option includes are: 

  • Drug abuse education
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Meditation
  • Art, self-love, and music therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Yoga, beach, and nature walks
  • Trauma resolution
  • Peer groups

As a matter of fact, treatment options vary in different clinics, and this list is not limited to those mentioned above.


Apart from the regular facilities, you may also choose from resort-style places. Their benefits are a lot. Some advantages are that they make an individual plan for addiction care while providing you with top-tire comfort. 

Still, these resorts usually cost much higher than ordinary hospitals and are more accessible for those who are able to afford such high-rank conditions. The levels of luxury centers vary but they usually have more comfortable conditions. 

The patients may have the privilege of having private rooms, meals prepared by a chef, a pool, and private therapy. Additionally, they might have animal-assisted therapy that can help with emotional regulation. 


All the payment options are available in the rehabs. 

You can make cash or self-payment or apply for your medical insurance. However, in case you still do not have any means of payment you can search for government assistance. Hence, you should be confident that there will be a way to pay for your cure. 

How to Force Your Teen into Rehab?

Having a child who suffers from drug or alcohol addiction is devastating for a parent. But you should also make sure you help your kid and support them in their healing journey. Legally, parents have the right to compel their teens into rehab if they are less than 18 years old. 

However, as a parent, you should be attentive and not be rude and demanding towards them. It is essential that they are ensured that you will be with them through the entire process and that they do not feel abandoned.