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Rehabs in Imperial

Rehabs in Imperial

Imperial is the least populous county in Southern California with its 180,000 population. It has seven cities occupying 11,610 km2 of territory. The seat and the largest city is El Centro.

It is not a secret that substance abuse became a countrywide concern in the USA. The state of CA is not an exception as well. Along with various health issues, residents struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Compared to the national average (8.82%) here illegal drug use rate reaches 10.47%.

In the county marijuana is the most common toxin among youth and adults. That is why most rehabs in Imperial County, California offer treatment for marijuana abuse. Opioids are the second most popular substances.

To prevent their spread California rehabs conduct awareness projects in schools. If you or your loved one face an addiction problem don’t hesitate to refer to a recovery center. In this way, you help the community to fight this disaster. Moreover, you and your family will not suffer anymore.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation in Imperial, California

Let’s imagine that you notice substance misuse symptoms in your friend or a relative. Meanwhile, you are not sure of the disease as signs may indicate another health problem as well. So, what must be your first step? Indeed, firstly, you are to talk to that person. Then, try to persuade him to visit a counselor. The doctor can understand and assess the situation during the consultation by asking some questions. This is an initial evaluation to know addiction history. The questionnaire contains information about

  • Substance type
  • Use intensity and length
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Reasons

The interview aims to reveal the organism’s demands and physical and mental health conditions. Sometimes, there is a need to pass deeper monitoring and screening. Their goal is to determine the stage of dependence. Family members may also be involved in this procedure.

IVMC non-profit clinic provides free assessment services. The center meets all the standards and also offers quality outpatient care.

Teens Rehabs

Teens' wellness is not only their parents but society’s duty. In fact, parents can not control them everywhere in school, on the street, etc. So, being careful of them is a must for each of us.

Statistics show that toxins are widespread in the youth, even more than in adults. The reason is that they tend to not realize the harms of narcotic or drink abuse. Accordingly, just having fun turns into a serious disease.

Healing will be successful if you start it in the early phases of illness. So, speak to your child as soon as symptoms appear. If the latter rudely refuses to go to a clinic do not be afraid to force him. It is also preferable to enter a hospital that specializes in teen recovery. Surely, in such facilities, the atmosphere is more favorable. For instance, McAlister Institute has teen outpatient and inpatient care programs. If you have no money your child may get proper medical aid for free.

Healing Therapies in Outpatient and Residential Facilities

The wide variety of therapies allows specialists to customize cure plans for every client. They also determine which kind of treatment suits an addict. For example, if the patient has had setbacks it is better to settle in a hospital while detoxing. So, in this case, residential care is the best option. Meanwhile, aftercare requires outdoor continuing treatment. Eventually, what therapies and procedures to expect in rehabs in Imperial? Here are some of them:

  • Music and art therapies
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Walking and horse riding at the beach
  • Group and private meetings
  • Massage, fitness, and swimming pool (in luxury facilities)
  • Home-made and healthy food
  • Medication-based care, etc.