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Rehabs in Orange County

Rehabs in Orange County

Orange County is situated in Los Angeles metropolitan area in Southern California. According to the 2020 US census, the population was 3,186,989. The region is the third-most populous in California and the sixth-most populous in the US.

The National Survey on Drug Consumption and Health of 2015, shows that over 27 million Americans abused prescription pills or had been using other illicit medicines. Consequently, the rates of overdose deaths increased, and The Center of Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality reported over 47,055 drug-related deaths.

The main cause of the deaths was the use of such opioids as heroin and prescription medications. The statistics in Orange County are relevant to the nationwide substance abuse trends. According to the reports of the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) between 2000 and 2017, there was an 88% increase in drug-related overdose deaths. The overdose deaths are higher for men than women.

In OC 1 in 6 people need support in mental, emotional, and substance use problems. Compared to 75% of California regions, OC has higher hospitalizations rates due to alcohol and illicit medication consumption. These high rates also require a large number of drug and alcohol rehabs in OC to keep society healthy and sustainable.

Rehab Centers

There are many forms of dependency and so does recovery methods. There are several initiatives in OC that support a patient to give up substance use, resist the desire to use, and maintain an alcohol/drug-free lifestyle. Moreover, they offer tools to reintegrate into society.


There are several types of rehabilitation programs for addicts who want to recover. For example:

  • 12-steps course
  • The OCHCA offers guidance and provides resources
  • Sober Living Homes
  • Substance Abuse centers: admit people with low-income or without insurance. They are non-profit and free.
  • State-funded or private detox clinics


Orange County has inpatient and outpatient recovery facilities. Inpatient centers have the highest success rates, as the patients stay at the clinic for 24 days and 7 hours. The recovery process requires the full-time engagement of the patient in long-term (minimum a month) medical and behavioral therapy. Patients are being engaged in meditation, yoga, and physical activities. This is an expensive option; however, many patients practice their insurance for coverage.

Outpatient facilities do not require a stay at the hospital; they just have to pay regular visits (2-3 days a week). They can participate in such rehabilitations if they have already finished the course of detoxification and withdrawal.

This course is flexible and allows participating in group gatherings or talks with psychotherapists in the afternoon or evening.

Partial Hospitalization enables you to visit recovery facilities several times a week. It has a group or individual therapy course and art meetings organized by psychotherapists, etc. The course lasts half-day and is beneficial for employees and addicts with no need for detoxification.

Rehabilitation Costs in OC

In OC you are to find rehabs that are free while others cost thousands of dollars. Several factors define a certain amount of the payment (type and location of the facility, length of the program, provided curative courses and their durations, offered amenities). In OC the addict is to find a treatment that fits his/her financial capabilities.

The rehab costs may seem discouraging, but the addiction is much more expensive. Moreover, addicts are more likely to be financially unstable and to have lack productivity due to health and legal problems.

Paying with Insurance

Health insurance became the most common way to pay for rehabs. They, often do not cover the whole amount of money, as the coverage depends on the insurer. There are such insurance providers as Medicaid, Medicare, Privat, State-financed, and military insurance.

IN Orange County you are to find such providers of rehab coverages as Aetna, Anthem, Humana, Blue Shield, United, etc.

Cost of Each Treatment

If a person has no insurance, he/she may look for free-cost clinics that support those with low incomes. The main disadvantage of this option is long waiting lists and the incapability to help the ones with urgent health problems. The addict can also look for financing options to fund the treatment.

Each treatment has its estimated price. For example, Medical detoxification costs from $500 to $1000 a day. The inpatient rehab program is for the patients in need of safe recovery with the assistance of medical operate and therapists. The charge of the monthly program is about $20,000. Outpatient recovery initiatives are cheaper than inpatient ones. Some of them may rate $5000 for a 90-day session.

The number of used medications during the sessions will affect the overall price of treatment. They may cost thousands per year.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

To choose the right program of treatment that fits the addict’s requirements, a substance abuse evaluation is a must. The professionals who assess individuals with alcohol and medicine dependency, try to understand addiction and how to treat it. They practice special questionnaires and with the help of face-to-face interviews do the evaluation.

If a person is arrested for DUI, the court may also require dependency evaluation. Court-ordered evaluations can sometimes increase, reduce or eliminate penalties that could otherwise be operated.

How to force a teen into rehab?

Sometimes teens under the age of 18 do not realize that they have serious substance abuse disorders. So, if they refuse their problems, the parent or legal guardian has a right to force them into rehabilitation. Some special rules and regulations have to be followed, however, while struggling with dependency, the entire family is affected and they will be given a much-needed break. Teens will follow strict schedules and be put in a healthy environment that makes them overcome dependency. Moreover, there are family therapy and learning sessions included in the recovery course.

Drug Rehab Services provides support to all of those that are searching for a facility to overcome addiction and prevent further use. So if you are searching for assessment centers and drug/alcohol rehabs in Orange County, CA, visit their official website and find a complete list there.

You may also contact American Addiction Centers to find a preferable treatment near you.

Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me

Main Place Christian Fellowship

1310 E Lincoln Ave
Orange, CA - 92865
(714) 505-1734

Chapman House

1412 East Chapman Avenue
Orange, CA - 92866
(800) 451-1947

Mariposa Women and Family Center

812 West Town and Country Road
Orange, CA - 92868
(714) 547-6494

Social Model Recovery System Touchstones
P.O. Box 849
Orange, CA - 92856
(714) 639-5542

MCCN Orange Grove Clinic
1818 N. Orange Grove Ave.
Pomona, CA - 91767
(818) 895-3100

Pasadena High Road Program
700 South Arroyo Parkway
Pasadena, CA - 91105
(626) 793-6159

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center of Orange County
1300 S Lewis St
Anaheim, CA - 92805
(714) 758-0414

PROTOTYPES Pomona Outpatient and Community Services Center
831 East Arrow Highway
Pomona, CA - 91767
(909) 398-4383

Solutions for Recovery
31931 Paseo Terraza
San Juan Capistrano, CA - 92675
(888) 417-1874