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Rehabs in Merced

Rehabs in Merced

Unfortunately, alcohol or drug addiction has become a terribly serious problem these days. Humanity strives for a healthier lifestyle, tries to accept healthy food, and gets rid of bad habits. However, numerous people do not value their health, and even more, they damage it.

Sometimes this process reaches a stage where a person no longer understands that he has chosen the wrong path. That is why the primary and most important task is to accept this fact and fight against it.

Like everywhere else in the world, in Merced County of California State, as well, there are state-run rehabilitation centers. Merced County rehabs offer help to all people who have such an issue. So, if you are interested in this topic, keep reading this article. Here we will present everything in detail. 


The state's average dependency ratio is well above the state average, but below the national average. For example, between 2014 and 2016, the death rate from alcohol abuse was 14.9 deaths per 100,000 population. Of this figure, 21% were men and approximately 8% were women.

Between 2014 and 2016, Merced County had a drug overdose death rate of 12.3 per 100,000 residents. Approximately 1.3% of adults in the county admitted to using an illegal drug in the past month. Sadly, only 4% of adults seek help for treatment. 


To begin your accurate and smart treatment, the first thing you need to do is pass a drug test. Be careful to choose knowledgeable professionals who will carry out your treatment process with compassion.

One of the best options for testing in Merced County is Health Street. Here, applicants are given a wide range of options, you may select one of the following that suits your status: 

  • drug-free workplace
  • ordered drug testing
  • non-DOT drug tests
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) drug tests

If you do not want to undergo marijuana testing, you can choose drug tests without the marijuana category. 

And for alcohol there are the following options: 

  • EtG test
  • breathalyzer, or 
  • PEth blood alcohol

There are two Health Street clinics in the county. Here are their addresses: 

3377 G Street

Merced, CA 95340

374 W Olive Avenue

Merced, CA 95348

To register, you may call the following phone number: (209) 720-2532. 


Every drug user must move on to the detox phase, which can be completed at any facility. By doing this, you can help the body detoxify itself and break unhealthy habits. It is surely difficult because the body is already somewhat accustomed to taking medications. However, you should be strong and manage the process. 

Remember that other people have overcome their challenges, and you can too. Do not allow anything to disrupt your life and go on confidently! 

How to Find the Best Treatment Center in Merced County? 

When looking for the best rehabilitation institution, there are several factors that you should take into account. First, it is essential to hire qualified experts for success. If you have trust in them, you will get better results faster.

It is also essential to look for psychological assistance. Make sure you do not have any plans to reuse it in addition to getting rid of it physically. Besides, a customized approach to your diagnosis promotes healing. Make sure the specialists have such strategies, so they can solely suggest the course of action after having fully comprehended your issue. 

How to Force Your Teen into Rehab? 

The most challenging and difficult thing is when you find your teen in this situation. The parent has a dual obligation to address and resolve this problem. But for children, especially teenagers, this can be a genuine concern.

Remember that you must take your child to therapy as soon as you realize this and get them properly checked. Try to convince him without forcing him, and make an attempt to get along with him. He must have faith in you and recognize your loyalty to him.

The rehabilitation institution should be carefully and responsibly chosen, as this is the most important component. Check the success rates of the professionals in treating teenagers before applying for the treatment.