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Rehabs in San Mateo

Rehabs in San Mateo

San Mateo is located in California. It is a part of the San Francisco Bay area. With a population of 764,442, it is home to people from diverse backgrounds. The county is a very popular place of destination due to its coastal location. However, there are also issues that are prevalent here. One of them is the rising number of substance abuse. Statistics from 2018-2020 show that the rate of overdose is 12.6 deaths every 100,000 people. This problem can be addressed if only people get the help they need on time. 


On your way to getting better, the first thing you need is an evaluation. It is a two-stage process. First, you do a screening. This is a simple questionnaire that has yes or no answers. The screening tries to identify the existence of dependency. Due to its simplicity, you may conduct it yourself. There are many online questionnaires available to fill out. 

Second, you do an assessment, which is a more complex process. This is why only professionals conduct it. The psychologists and counselors working with you will administer various tests, check-ups, and screenings to understand your addiction better. They may also refer you to medical professionals for further check-ups. As a result of all these procedures, your counselors see the full picture of your case. 

After the evaluation, they came up with a treatment plan based on your situation. 

Choosing the Right Rehab 

When it comes to choosing rehabs, you should follow the instructions of your evaluation. With that said, there are two main types of hospitals that you can go to. 

First, there is the inpatient program. Here, patients have to stay at the facility all the time. This option is better for those with severe dependency. The professional staff standing by makes sure you receive all the care you need. Moreover, this is also a good way of staying away from your regular environment and any possible triggers. 

Second, there is the outpatient program. In contrast to the inpatient one, here, you are not required to stay in the facility. Instead, you go in for a few hours to receive treatment and return home. This is a better option for those with milder cases. As a result, they receive the necessary help and continue to live their everyday lives. 

Despite these differences, there are also differences in programs based on the group they focus on. Some places have services for people based on their gender, age, religion, and so on. 

Regardless, most centers offer the following services as essentials: 

  • Detox
  • Therapy
  • Sobriety maintenance 
  • Aftercare planning

Keep in mind that the time of your recovery will be highly individual. 

Luxury Rehabs 

Some centers offer more than the essentials mentioned above. They are luxury centers that approach your problems in a holistic manner. In other words, they not only address the main issue but also the accompanying problems. These facilities are usually in remote areas, surrounded by beautiful nature and clean air. However, only a small number of people can afford to attend these places. 


When it comes to payments, the choices are many. One way is to make a direct payment. Another option covers the fees through private insurance. Most private insurances pay the fees either fully or partially. If neither of them is accessible for you, there is the government-sponsored Medicaid you may apply to. Moreover, some hospitals offer reductions in costs. Also, there are some free hospitals that provide you the essential care with no or very little amount of money. 


Teens are the most vulnerable group when it comes to substance abuse. This is why you should be very careful with teens and do everything to prevent it. But if your teen is already suffering from addiction, you must get them to the appropriate institutions. If they are reluctant to go, talk to them and explain the benefits that recovery will have on their future.