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Rehabs in San Benito

Rehabs in San Benito

San Benito County is located in the state of California, US. It belongs to small provinces with 1,390 sq mi. Even so, its population recorded a relatively positive growth reaching 63,315 in 2019. Most of the residents live in the county seat, Hollister.

In contrast to all these, the use of substances is also widespread here. On the one hand, it is not in an extreme condition, on the other hand, the data is not satisfactory. So, it registered 7.5-10.0 drug overdose deaths per 100,000 in 2019.

San Benito County rehabs manage to control substance abuse due to specifically developed programs.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

Healing substance addiction and abuse is not easy. Besides, choosing the appropriate cure plan is challenging. For this purpose, it starts with assessment. Therapists assess the condition of a client through questions. After discussion, it becomes clear which treatment option you need.

In addition, the evaluation is available both offline and online.

San Benito County Rehabs

According to the severity of dependence, there are several options to get treatment. Each of them has its methods and serves different purposes.

Outpatient (OP)

OP is the lowest level of care. It is for individuals who are still able to manage their life. They can combine their work, study, and day-to-day life with treatment. OP takes place 3 days weekly for a maximum of 3 hours.

In this province, the available methods of OP are therapies. Firstly, the most common type is group one. It allows clients to interact around the same topic. The main meaning is to support each other. It helps them to get practice and use it outside of the facility.

Secondly, not everyone will feel confident in group therapy. For that reason, they may attend individual therapy. One-to-one meetings with a therapist have their advantages. They are more personalized and show a more person-centered approach.

Lastly, there is an additional type performed in different ways. It includes art, music, equine, and adventure therapies.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

PHP is a short-term intensive level of care. It replaces inpatient care and has several advantages. PHP is suitable for those who:

  • Struggle with substance misuse and have support from their families.
  • Do not use chemicals that may induce harmful withdrawal symptoms.
  • Cannot spend nights at hospitals
  • Are able to control and take care of themselves, or have someone to help them.
  • After inpatient need aftercare support.

PHP takes place 5-7 days weekly for at least 6 hours daily. During this time patients attend the following activities:

  • Various therapies
  • Medical supervision and assistance
  • Mental health counseling
  • Indoor and outdoor activities such as yoga, meditation, and others.

In short, people learn coping skills, self-discipline, communication skills, and more.

Inpatient (IP) and Detox Programs

IP as the highest level of treatment is designed for more complex addicted types. It is a residential option for adults. There are separate institutions for women and men. In general, specialty rehabs in San Benito County provide it.

If a patient is referred here after an evaluation, the next step starts with detoxification. Yet, it causes negative and dangerous emotions and feelings. These withdrawal symptoms depend on the types of chemicals, dosage, and duration of dependence. Hence, it is carried out 24 hours under the supervision of a specialist and lasts 7-9 days. After it, the healing process begins.

In brief, California inpatient programs include luxury services.

Prices for Luxury Services

Elite residential complexes offer specific comprehensive programs. Therefore, their prices are somewhat high. For instance, it starts from $9,2500 for 7 days. The maximum price can be quite expensive․

Thus, they are available to everyone due to the flexible payment system and insurance.

Payment Options Without Insurance

Different services require various payment methods. Acceptable payment means are:

  • Self-pay (credit cards, cash, check, or money order)
  • Medi-Cal
  • Medicaid
  • Sliding fee scale

Note that payment methods in the clinics are different. So, you may visit the relevant one that matches your requirements.

Forcing Teens Into Rehabs

No one wants to visit addiction centers. Especially, when it concerns addicted teenagers. Parents often take the wrong actions thinking that they help their children.

However, many of them are not well informed. They try to solve this problem by force. This action may break them fully.

That is why there is a group of professionals who work both with teens and family members. Finally, advisers, therapists, and psychologists can lead teenagers to full recovery.