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Rehabs in Mendocino

Rehabs in Mendocino

Alcohol and drug misuse has been ranked as the third most essential health-related problem in Mendocino county. This was the finding of the Community Health Needs Assessment, which was conducted in 2019. With overdose deaths, the county stands second in California. With this problem being revealed, it is understandable why there are many rehabs in Mendocino County.

Finding Out Who is in Rehabilitation

If you have substance abuse disorder, perhaps you have concerns regarding confidentiality and privacy. In particular, the stigma of addiction and fear of the prospects of employment are frightening. Therefore, you probably wonder whether someone may look up who is in rehabilitation. That is a key factor to be aware of before deciding to attend a facility. You can calm down because federal law and regulations oblige the hospitals to not reveal this kind of information to someone.

However, there are exceptions in this regard that you should know about. The staff may disclose any info to someone outside of the facility only if:

  • you give a written permission
  • there is a court order
  • there is a medical emergency and/or need for audit, research, or program evaluation

Treatment Programs

Now that you know that the services are confidential, you will probably want to know what the treatment process looks like.

  1. Evaluation: Before the actual plan, medical professionals have to determine whether your use of substances is an addiction or not. Screenings, questionnaires, and interviews are the methods of assessment.
  2. Detoxification: At this stage, the body is freed from chemicals and prepared to confront the withdrawal symptoms.
  3. Counseling: In the next step, individual or group therapy sessions are there to help the patients cope with underlying issues.
  4. Aftercare: As sober life is a goal, aftercare is there to assist patients to prevent the possibility of relapse.

Just bear in mind that there are three types of programs:

  • Inpatient - residential
  • Outpatient - non-residential
  • Partial hospitalization

Such programs are also available in other treatment centers in California.

Luxury Rehabs

Resort-style hospitals are expensive. Particularly, $30,000 – $100,000 is the average fee for a month’s stay. But they have amenities and services that no other place has. Here is a list to choose from:

  • Consolidated tribal health project INC
  • Redwood community services INC
  • Round Valley health center Yuki trails human services program
  • Mendocino county substance abuse disorders treatment
  • Ford street project Ukiah recovery center

Payment Options

One of the most vital factors impacting your choice of a facility is the costs. Whether you have enough finances, and insurance or not, you have the opportunity to recover in a free, reduced-cost, standard, or luxury clinic.

Getting into Rehab Without any Insurance

Don’t hesitate to get treatment even if you do not have money or insurance. There are several options to help you if you are in this situation. State-funded or faith-based centers and community hospitals aim to provide services to people just like you.

Remember that there are also other ways that you can fulfill the dream of alcohol and drug-free life.

  1. Financing: some facilities don’t require the full payment upfront. They might allow you to pay over time. Thus, the burden of cost lessens.
  2. Sliding scale: personalized fee is not a dream. Many clinics understand how difficult it may be for you to pay. Therefore, they adjust the cost to your income and financial status.
  3. Loans, grants, or scholarships: some clinics also provide full or at least partial scholarships and/ or loans to their patients who are unable to pay for their healing on their own.

To conclude, lack of finances is not a verdict. You can and should search for opportunities to heal and lead a fulfilled life.